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Rejmyre Art LAB is an artist-run organization and a long-term, place-based research project that creates spaces for making, reflection and intensive exchange. Our activities include an international artist residency program, intensive post-graduate student workshops, a platform for experimental and conceptual glass projects in the Reijmyre Glasbruk, public seminars and an annual program of installations and interventions in and around the town of Rejmyre.

Rejmyre Art LAB's programming is born of a long-term engagement with the town of Rejmyre in the Östergötland region of Sweden.  Rejmyre is located amongst the forests and lakes two hours southwest of Stockholm.  With a population of approximately 1000, Rejmyre is a small factory town centered around the Reijmyre Glasbruk, a glass factory founded in 1810 and still in operation.

The purpose of our work together has been to create a post-institutional teaching and learning space; a non-hierarchical meeting place, for ourselves and others, to continue to grow, engage in sustained critique and explore topics of collective interest through self-organized, thematic engagements. Our annual themes emerge organically from our time together the previous year. In 2014, Everything you want was already there, allowed us to explore notions of lack and abundance in our relationships to making. Previous themes have included: Infinite Gestures [a response to the aesthetic gesture of the Occupy Movement that allowed us to focus our exchange around the role of duration and repetition in our varied practices], Place as Matter [exploring critical tourism and competing notions of place in contemporary artistic practice], Transparency and Mediation [exploring the relationship between glass, media art and the interface between an art work and its public], and Art and Social Change [exploring the tensions that arise in attempts to instrumentalize artistic practice in the service of political agendas].


Sissi Westerberg [SE] & Daniel Peltz [US]

Hanna Lundborg

Board Members
David Larsson [SE]
Shirin Adhami [US]
Alex Auriema [US]


Rejmyre Conversations

a publication by Alison Naturale documenting our 2012 summer program

Infinite Gestures
a publication documenting our 2012 post-MFA workshop