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2017-18 PROGRAMME 


Norrköping Konstmuseum

Performing Labour
Opens April 7
April 7 - Aug 21, 2018

Galleri F15 and Momentum

Performing Labour as part of Tendenser 2018, Moss, Norway
Opens March 24
March 24 - June 17, 2018


3-year artistic research project parallel to the decontamination of the toxic waste around Reijmyre Glasbruk

Detox Ensamble residency
Nordic and Baltic Artists 23 - 29 April, 2018

Bureau of Irrational Affairs
an artist-led space for experiments in philosophical governance


Visiting artist
Visit by Danish arkitekt Kristoffer Tejlgaard 26 Feb - 2 Mach
Public Presentation in Finspång Feb 23, 2018

Anna Berglind (SE)

Embedded installation, Reijmyre Glasbruk 3 Dec -  31 Jan
Hours: Mon-Fri: 10-17, Sat: 10-16, Sun 11-16  

Embedded installations
Reijmyre Glasbruk 11 Feb – 3 Sept , 2017

Rejmyre Art Lab Summer Open House
Reijmyre Glasbruk 29 July, 2017
Project Opening - Pausblås
pneumatic installation by Sissi Westerberg
Work-in-progress Presentation by Robyn Backen
Presentation of programme and public works installed

Performing Labour Part V

Arist-guest-worker-program, Reijmyre Glasbruk 20 – 30 July

Performing Labour is a long-term project in the Reijmyre Glasbruk, engaging with artist and industrial craft labour as platforms for reconsidering the role and status of the contemporary labouring body

Nordic/Baltic Studio for Continued Engagement 
Rural Resistance
Post-MFA-workshop for recent graduates from the
Nordic/Baltic Art Academies. 5-11 Aug

Launch of Performing Labour Product Line
Release of the Rejmyre Product Catalogue: an artistic research on and through labour, disseminated in the form of a product catalogue on the factory workers' break table. The catalogue is presented together with the products produced through the artist guest-worker programme.
29 April - 3 Sept

Monthly Public Presentations
29 april, 6 maj, 20 maj, 15 juni, 29 juli, 2 sept kl 14.00

Reconstituting Rurality

Seminar on Public Art and the Rural
hosted in collaboration with Nida Art Colony
7-10 May, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania