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Rejmyre Art LAB's residency program is run and constructed by artists in response to our own needs and changing modes of production. Our residencies often consist of a mix of dedicated time for developing ideas and work, collaborative exercises, intensive peer critique, theoretical discussion groups, communal meals and play. 

While many residency programs are rooted in notions of isolation, our emphasis is placed on engaging the "local context" of each residency as fuel and material for artistic development.  The "local context" is understood to include the residency itself [as a structure imposed on a site], the people, place and histories surrounding the residency, the community of practitioners assembled and each participant's experience of displacement into the given moment.

Rejmyre Art LAB aims to support a range of contemporary artistic processes, many of which present significant challenges to the image of the isolated artist in their cloistered studio.  Participants in our program create conceptual propositions, objects, and temporal works situated in public and private spaces.  To support this range of work, we craft and maintain a network of local connections to facilitate social access and a mix of public and private studio spaces, making our open studio space accessible to the public while still allowing for the intensive engagement with self and site that a solitary studio engenders.



Rejymre Art LAB Residency (2016-17)

Robyn Backen - sculpture [AUS]

Through a collaboration with the Australian residency-based biennial SPACED, we are pleased to be able to continue our two-year residency model. Invited artists are selected through an open call and come to Rejmyre for an initial research visit, followed by an extended residency period. During the research visit, artists are permitted time to freely explore the site and their impressions. After a period of gestation, they make project proposals, to be realized during a longer residency the following year.

Robyn Backen was selected, in collaboration with SPACED, as our 2016-17 resident artist. She conducted a research visit in 2016 and is in the prcoess of planning her return residency in 2017, where she will realize a significant project in Rejmyre that will also be exhibited as part of the SPACED 3 traveling exhibition. You can view images of Robyn's evolving work here.


Robyn Backen [AUS] on her first research visit to Rejmyre in the Reijmyre Glasbruk


Rejymre Art LAB Residency (2013-14)

Bruce Chao - glass/sculpture [USA] and
Christine Mackey - site-responsive practices [IR]

In 2013, through the longer-term support of IASPIS, Rejmyre Art LAB was able to move to a two-year residency model. Invited artists are selected through an open call and come to Rejmyre for an initial research visit, followed by an extended residency period. During the research visit, artists are permitted time to freely explore the site and their impressions. After a period of gestation, they make project proposals, to be realized during a one-month residency the following year.

Bruce Chao [US] and Christine Mackey [IR] were selected as our 2013-14 residents. They both conducted research visits in 2013 and longer return residencies in 2014, where they conducted projects and contributed to the Nordic Studio for Continued Engagement's 2014 post-MFA workshop. You can view documentation of Bruce's project in Remyre at the following link and download the publication from Christine's work Balsam Bashing.


Bruce Chao [US] on his first research visit to Rejmyre in preparation for his 2014 residency period


Rejymre Art LAB Residency (2012)

Aldís Ellertsdóttir Hoff [SE/IS],
Simon Klenell
Daniel Peltz [US],
Zoe Sheehan Saldana
Bettina Speckener [DE] and
Sissi Westerberg

Art LAB's 2012 residency program brought six artists to Rejmyre for a three-week engagement. The group consisted of returning residents and new artists from Germany, USA, Stockholm and Norrköping/Iceland. The residency concluded in an exhibition of site-specific installations thoughout the town.

The 2012 artists-in-residence were the first to benefit from the new structure of the Transparency Lab, a platform for experimental work in hot glass at the Reijmyre Glasbruk. The aim of this new structure is to explore how contemporary art practices can inform and co-exist alongside factory glass production.  The artists, coming from a range of disciplinary backgrounds [Jewellery, Photography, Performance, Glass and Media Art],  got the chance to work with experienced glass blowers. The objects and processes produced were incorporated into performances and installations in locations throughout the town. Alongside the art projects, a series of conversations with the glass factory, local organisations and Finspångs kommun explored sustainable models for future engagements.

download a PDF of Rejmyre Conversations
a publication documenting the 2012 summer program


Rejymre Art LAB Residency (2011)

Shirin Adhami (US),
Emanuel Almborg (SE),
Alex Auriema (US/GE),
Robyn Backen (AUS),
Maria Johansson (SE),
Hanna Lundborg (SE),
Daniel Peltz (US),
Raketa (SE),
Benjamin Slotterøy (NO/SE),
Carloyn Strauss (US/NE) and
Sissi Westerberg (SE)

Art LAB's 2011 residency program brought Swedish and international artists together in the town of Rejmyre in rural Sweden, for an intense 10-day residency engaging the town and each other. 

An exhibition of their projects, performances and objects is ongoing July 16-31, with works situated in public spaces and local shops in Rejmyre.  Art LAB also continued to collaborate with the Rejmyre Glasmuseum through an exhibition of conceptual glass by Maria Johansson (SE).  This year's seminar focused on Art and Social Change and featured Carolyn Strauss, founder and executive director of slowLab, in dialogue with Swedish interdisciplinary network raketa and the nordic craft collective S-U-B.



Transparency and mediation (2010)

Shirin Adhami (US), Alex Auriema (US/GE), Stine Bidstrup (DK), Hanna Lundborg (SE), Daniel Peltz (US), Raketa (SE), Tanja Saeter (NO), Rui Sasaki (JP), Benjamin Slotterøy (NO/SE), Tracy Steepy (US), Outi Turpeinen (FI), Sissi Westerberg (SE)

Transparency and mediation were the twinned themes of Art LAB's 2010 international artist residency and workshop in Rejmyre, Sweden.

An interdisciplinary group of artists and designers came together from the fields of jewellery, glass, sculpture, photo, media art, architecture and curatorial practices.  Nordic artists were joined by international colleagues, from the U.S. and elsewhere, in an intensive residency/workshop setting, exploring the meanings and intersections between these two concepts through collaborative exercises, presentations, discussions and individual making.

All activities of the workshop were held in an open studio setting, accessible to the public, in one of the former glass factory buildings that has been renovated for use as a gallery. The assembled group produced new works, exploring the themes of transparency and mediation through the lens of the local environment, histories, materials and sites. The artists worked individually and in collaboration and their residency culminated in a public presentation and discussion of their work. Several of the participants also took part in an exhibition of contemporary nordic glass, organized in conjunction with the residency, at the Rejmyre Glass Museum and the accompanying Nordic Glass Seminar.

Transparency and Mediation was a collaboration between Rejmyre Art LAB and the nordic artist collective S-U-B, hosted by Engelska Magasinet and Finspångs kommun.

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