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Saturday Aug 2 16.00-17.30
Pecha Kucha, quick presentations by Art LAB's 2014
artists-in-residence and regional artists from Östergötland
[Each artist shows 20 images for 20 seconds,
contact Sissi to participate]
Engelska Magasinet, Rejmyre

Saturday Aug 23 14.00
Public tour of site specific works installed
in Rejmyre and the woods

Presentations by Rejmyre Art LAB's artists-in-residence:
Bruce Chao (US) and Christine Mackey (IR)
Meet up at Rejmyre Tourist Bureau

Sunday Aug 24 10.00-16.00
Everything you want was already here
Seminar on site-responsive practice
Engelska Magasinet, Rejmyre



Pecha Kucha - Engelska Magasinet Gallery, Rejmyre
Open invitation preesentations from local and visiting artists

Public Exhibition - Engelska Magasinet Gallery, Rejmyre
Sophie Barbash - photographs from Rejmyre
accompanied by a video program with selections
from past artists-in-residence

Book Launch - Engelska Magasinet Gallery, Rejmyre
Rejmyre Conversations
Launch of Alison Naturale's book [US],Rejmyre Conversations
featuring interviews with residents and visitors, documenting
Rejmyre Art LAB's 2012 artist residency, post-MFA workshop
and the Transparency Lab in the Glass Factory
with photos by Sophie Barbasch



September 6
Vision Forum meeting hosted by Rejmyre Art LAB

August 26
2012 Public Seminar

Infinite Gestures
location: corner studio, Rejmyre

- Art LAB program overview
- visitation of works by 2012 Artists-in-Residence and
Infinite Gestures workshop participants
- special guest presentations byvisiting artists/cultural producers Måns Wrange,
Maria Hedlund and Museum of Forgetting [Konstantin Economou and Erik Berggren]

August 26
Book Launch
Rejmyre: Art Lab Projects
surveying Art LAB's engagements 2009-11

August 25
Tour of installations and public presentations by 2012 resident artists

Aldís Ellertsdóttir Hoff [SE], Simon Klenell [SE],
Daniel Peltz [US], Zoe Sheehan Saldana [US],
Bettina Speckener [DE] and Sissi Westerberg [SE]

August 25
Hot Glass Performance

Jocelyne Prince [US/CA] in the Rejmyre Glasbruk



July 15
Introduction to Rejmyre Art LAB's 2011 program
Presentations and tour of site-specific works with visit to the
Rejmyre Glass Museum exhibition by Art LAB co-directors.

July 15
Public presentations by Art LAB resident artists

Robyn Backen (AUS), Alex Auriema (DE/US), Emanuel Almborg (SE)
and Shirin Adhami (US)

July 19
Art and Social Change Seminar

Lecture by Carolyn Strauss from international organization slowLab,
and panel discussion with Nordic craft collective S-U-B, Swedish network
raketa and American artist Daniel Peltz.



August 20
Opening presentations
Nordic Glass Exhibition at the Rejmyre Glass Museum

August 25-26
Nordic Glass Seminar
Mötesplatser för konst och form - möjligheter, samarbeten, utveckling
view opening event program

August 20-27
Transparency & Mediation
evening presentations

August 28
Transparency & Mediation residency
final presentations



August 14

Guided Tour
Guided tour of site-specific works installed around Rejmyre
with Sissi Westerberg and participating artists

August 15
Public Presentations
by the Place as Matter workshop participants