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Frida Fjellman. photographer: Patrick Miller
  • Frida Fjellman
  • 2021-06-06 | Exhibition in Engelska Magasinet, Rejmyre

  • Rejmyre Art Lab presents: Frida Fjellman

    Engelska Magasinet, Rejmyre

    Exhibition period: 6 June - 15 Aug

    Opening: 6 June, 14.00

    Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 11-16

    Frida Fjellman is one of Swedens most celebrated glass artists. This summer Rejmyre Art Lab is showing some of her most sperctacular work in the exhibition space Engelska Magasinet in Rejmyre.

    The exhibition program is supported by: Statens Kulturråd, Region Östergötland and Finspångs kommun.

Inga Tseranova
  • Det sköra samtalet / The fragile discourse
  • 2021-04-03 | Engelska Magasinet

  • Maja Bakken, Sandra Hiredal, Inga Tsernova, Anna-Kajsa Wikström

    Exhibition period: 3 April - 16 May Hours: Saturdays 11-16, Wednesdays 13-18

    Four artists who recently graduated from the Bachelor-program Ädellab at Konstfack are showing an extension of their degree-projects in Engelska Magasinet in Rejmyre. These young artists have developed individual projects that all have a relationship to the body, material dependent craft and fragility. The work is spanning from jewelry and sculptural installation to video and performance, featuring materials such as wood, metal, silicon, ice, grass and human hair. The installations will keep on growing as the artists are present, working in the space during the last five days of the exhibition (12-16 May).

Cecilia Jonsson, The forbidden garden
  • DETOX - Clean it Up! Seminar
  • 2021-02-03 | online

  • What happens when we include artistic investigation as a core competency in remediating a contaminated site? A clean up effort would often begin with consulting experts: soil scientists, geologists, etc. What if we positioned artists as part of this group of expert consultants? What kind of findings does art find? How do these findings alter the act of cleaning up? This seminar gathers artist participants in the “DETOX-Clean it up!” project along with artists, curators and thinkers who have engaged with related projects.

    About the project: For the past three years, Rejmyre Art Lab’s Center for Peripheral Studies has been working on the artistic research project DETOX - Clean it up! Together with a group of Swedish and Nordic artists, we have been conducting an investigation of the contaminated land underneath our feet in Rejmyre. We began by negotiating our position, as official members of the local government’s working group charged with studying, developing and executing a plan to ‘clean up’ this contaminated site. The soil around the glass factory contains pockets of concentrated lead, cadmium and arsenic, by-products of the 200-year-old glass industry in Rejmyre, that are now recognized as toxic materials. The local government inherited the land from the glassworks in 2015, in one of the multiple factory bankruptcy proceedings. In the process, the waste from the historic production processes transferred from the owners of the business to become a public responsibility. We are now the owners of a major environmental problem that the regional government has deemed so toxic that it must be ‘cleaned up’.

    ‘One of the propositions of artistic research is a repositioning of the artists’ role in society, as one who, through the making of artworks, engenders a process of public reflection and the consideration of contemporary complexities. The core work of this project is to think the act of ‘cleaning up.’ We began from an interest in the relationship between this project, i.e. the local government being called on to clean up the toxic waste behind the factory after the company has abandoned the site, and the ways artists and artworks are often called on to ‘clean up’ in the wake of destructive capitalist endeavors. If the directionality of this instrumentalized understanding of art’s work is ‘up’, what might it be to respond to the call to: clean it sideways? We approach what has been deemed ‘waste’ as ‘valuable material’, engaging ourselves as artists in the clean-up process allows us to tap into this latent socio-poetic value. In order to ‘clean it sideways’, we need to account for the potential of this waste, as a resource that allows us to consider who we were, who we are and who we might be becoming.’ – Daniel Peltz, research leader Rejmyre Art Lab’s Center for Peripheral Studies


    Part 1: DETOX- Clean it Up!

    13.00-13.15 introduction to the Detox:Clean it up! project by Rejmyre Art Lab’s Center for Peripheral Studies research director Daniel Peltz 13.15 - 13.30 Cecilia Jonsson (NL/SE), artist, presents her work “The forbidden garden” conducted in Rejmyre 2019-2020 13.30-13.45 Frida Hållander (SE), PhD artist, presents her work “Fabrikens lunga” conducted in Rejmyre 2018-2019. 13.45-14.00 Daniel Peltz (SE/US), artist and Professor of Site and Situation Specific Practices, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, presents his work “A refuge in Rejmyre”.

    Paus 10 min

    14.10-14.25 HarrieLiveart (FI), artist duo Meri Linna & Saija Kassinen, presents their work “Psyche of the land” conducted in Rejmyre 2018-2019 14.25 - 14.40 Sissi Westerberg, artist and co-founder of Rejmyre Art Lab gives a brief overview of the participants and projects from the three-year exploration. 14.40-15.10 Break-out groups / discussion

    Pause 5 min

    Part 2: Exploring kinships

    15.15-15.35 Vytautas Michelkevicius, curator, Associate Professor of Photography and Media Art at the Vilnius Academy of the Arts and former artistic director of Nida Art Colony discuss Nida’s work in relation to Detox:Clean it up! 15.35-15.55 Per Nilsson, Archaeologist and researcher at Östergötland Museum discusses waste as cultural resource

    Pause 5 min

    16.00-16.20 Caroline Mårtensson, environmental artist discusses her practice

    Part 3 : Closing the space

    16.20-16.45 Taru Elfving, curator and writer, artistic director CAA Contemporary Art Archipelago, Research affiliate Visual Cultures Goldsmiths University of London, respondent

    The seminar is produced in collaboration with Konstfrämjandet Funders: Statens Kulturråd, Nordisk Kulturfond, Kulturkontakt Nord, Finspångs kommun

Exhibition in Engelska Magasinet
  • DeTox - Clean it Up! Exhibition in Engelska Magasinet
  • 2020-09-05 | Engelska Magasinet, Rejmyre

  • DeTox - Clean it Up! Rejmyre Art Lab presenterar forskningsprojektet DeTox – Clean it Up! Engelska Magasinet, Rejmyre Vernissage lördag 5 sept kl 14 Öppet: 5 September – 31 Oktober 2020, lördagar kl 11-16, onsdagar 14-19

    Under de senaste tre åren har Rejmyre Art Lab genomfört det konstnärliga forskningsprojektet DeTox-Clean it Up! Tillsammans med en grupp svenska och internationella konstnärer har vi arbetat parallellt med kommunens arbetsgrupp som fått i uppdrag att hantera frågan om föroreningarna vid Reijmyre Glasbruk. Med platsen som utgångspunkt har konstnärerna utvecklat projekt som relaterar till och undersöker situationen och den historiskt kontaminerade marken. Resultat från konstnärernas undersökningar har under de senaste åren kunnat ses runt omkring Rejmyre i form av plats-specifika konst-installationer. I utställningen i Engelska Magasinet hösten 2020 får du ta del av delar av de projekt som kommit till under det senaste året.

    Deltagande konstnärer: Ulla Ridderberg (SE), Nicolas Cheng (SE/HK), Stine Bidstrup (DK), BOOM! (SE), Ammy Olofsson (SE), Cecilia Jonsson (SE), Saad Hajou (SE/SY), Daniel Peltz (SE) & Kristoffer Tejlgaard (DK), Sissi Westerberg (SE) & Kerstin Ribers (SE)

Den mobila glasugnen Spajsy
  • BOOM! Event 25 juli
  • 2020-07-25 | Engelska Magasinet

  • Engelska Magasinet i Rejmyre Saturday 25/7

    Rejmyre Art Lab is presenting a one-day event with the female separatist glass group BOOM! in Rejmyre, in collaboration with Östergötlands Museum.

    13-16: BOOM! will blow glass in public with the portable glass furnace Spajsy

    14.00: Guided tour of the exhibition and enactment of the mechanic installation “kvinnomaskinen” (the women machine).

    The event is free of charge and there is no need to sign up in advance.

BOOM! Glass Group
  • BOOM! Summer Exhibition Engelska Magasinet Wed-Sun 11-16
  • 2020-06-06 | Engelska Magasinewt

  • Rejmrer Art Lab is presenting the female separatist glass group BOOM! in Rejmyre, in collaboration with Östergötlands Museum. The exhibition is open in Engelska Magasinet Wednesday - Sunday from 11.00-16.00 until August 15th 2020

    Public Event July 25th in Engelska Magasinet

    13-16: BOOM! will blow glass in public with the portable glass furnace Spajsy

    14.00: Guided tour of the exhibition and enactment of the mechanic installation “kvinnomaskinen” (the women machine).

Saad Hajo
  • Saad Hajo: Part II
  • 2020-04-10 | Engelska Magasinet

  • The artist and cartoonist Saad Hajo is presenting a new video animation in Engelska Magasinet as part of the project “Detox-Clean it up!” which uses the contaminated grounds behind the glass factory as its starting point. Opening Friday 10 April at 14.00

    Saad Hajo lives in Norrköping, born1968 in Damaskus and one of Swedens most prominent cartoonists. This is the second step on involving Saad Hajo in the project “Detox-Clean it up!” which started in 2018 and has involved over 20 artists so far.

    Exhibition period: 10 April -24 May Hours: by appointment

Saad Hajo
  • Saad Hajo: Part I
  • 2019-12-07 | Reijmyre Glasbruk

  • Welcome to a presentation of the artist and cartoonist Saad Hajo in the hot shop of Reijmyre Glasbruk Saturday 7 dec at 14.00

    Saad Hajo lives in Norrköping, born1968 in Damaskus and one of Swedens most prominent cartoonists.

    Exhibition period: 7-20 dec Hours: mån-fre 10-14.30

Frida Hållander, Fabrikens Lunga, Rejmyre Antik
  • Konst i Höstrusk
  • 2019-11-02 | Rejmyre

  • Open studios and installations around Rejmyre. Rejmyre Art Lab is showing work by Tilda Dalunde, Frida Hållander & Kerstin Ribers.

    link to map


    Kalbo: Galleri Skatan: Kerstin Hedman, Nisse Sandström, Åsa Larsson

    Rejmyre: Linda Maasing, Michael Maasing, Mari Juslin, Irina Shujski Rejmyre Art Lab: Tilda Dalunde (outdoors from 18.00), Frida Hållander (Rejmyre Antik 11-16) & Kerstin Ribers (Rejmyre Turistinformation 11-16)

    Ripperstorp: Skansens Krukmakeri, Kerstin Danielsson, Per Josefsson

    Lämmetorp: Monica Andersson, Jessica JPM Concreate och Margret Mattsson

Tilda Dalunde, Längtan efter tryggheten i det omöjliga
  • Light installation by Tilda Dalunde
  • 2019-09-27 | Rejmyre

  • Tilda Dalunde’s piece “Longing for safety in the impossible” is a light installation that can be viewed after dusk. It consists of left over glass pieces form the glass production that glow in different rytms. The installation is placed inside the fence in the contaminated area, close to the depot where 200 years of toxic waste form the glass factory lies.

Mattias Hofvendahl
  • Östgötadagarna
  • 2019-09-07 | Rejmyre


    Ljud-Workshop med Mattias Hofvendahl och guidad visning av Rejmyre Art Labs konstinstallationer



    10.00-15.00 Glasblåsning på Reijmyre Glasbruk  

    12.00 Guidad visning i hyttan 

    14.00 Guidad visning av konst-installationerna med Rejmyre Art Lab (samling vid Rejmyre Art Labs forskningscenter mitt emot Turistbyrån)

    15.00 Ljud-workshop i glashyttan för alla åldrar med Mattias Hofvendahl 

    Som en del i projektet DeTox - Clean it up! har en första grupp konstnärer utgått ifrån situationen med 200 år av föroreningar bakom Reijmyre Glasbruk. Resultatet av deras efterforskningar och reaktioner visas som plats-specifika konstinstallationer i Rejmyre 29/6 - 8/9 2019.

    Utställare 2019: Hasti Radpour (IR/SE), Mattias Hofvendahl (SE), Frida Hållander (SE), Harrie Liveart - Meri Linna & Saija Kassinen (FI), Sissi Westerberg (SE), Kerstin Ribers (SE), Daniel Peltz (US/SE) & Kristoffer Tejlgaard (DK)

Retention by Erna E Skúladóttir & Karin Blomgren
  • Sumer Event
  • 2019-07-27 | Rejmyre

  • Rejmyre Art Lab presents:

    NOT FOR EXPORT – performance by Daniel Peltz and Ioana Yucan

    RETENTION - installation by Erna Skúladóttir & Karin Blomgren Introduced by Annika Björkman from IASPIS/Konstnärsnämnden

    NOT FOR EXPORT - as place, as time, as performed philosophy Daniel Peltz (US/SE) and Ioana Jucan (RO/US) present a lecture performance composed of miniature sculptures, live-animation, video projections and participatory moments. Together they offer a multi-layered narrative exploring how, within the context of a small factory town turned industrial tourist destination, we might craft a thing, a place, a way of being that is Not for Export. Peltz and Jucan have presented previous versions of this performance at Färgfabriken in Stockholm, the Norrköping Konstmuseum and at the 2019 Performance Philosophy Biennial in Amsterdam. We are happy to present this performance for the first time in Rejmyre. At the center of the performance is a proposal for A Refuge in Rejmyre, a participatory architectural proposal designed to give refuge to, and take refuge in, a small community of unemployed logging elephants from Myanmar. The first stage of this building process is scheduled for the culmination of the DeTox - Clean it up! project in summer 2020.

    RETENTION – site-specific installation Artist-duo Skúladóttir & Blomgren have worked together for several years making site-specific installations. Their large-scale and sculptural work incorporates material information and impulses from the surrounding nature, local history and architectural features. Together they have presented large, spatial installations at institutions including Galleri F15, Moss; KRAFT, Bergen; Parcours Céramique Carougeois International Biennial, Switzerland and most recently at Kunsthall Stavanger. Erna E. Skúladóttir and Karin Blomgren studied together at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, graduating in 2014. The duo has spent the last month in Rejmyre and are now showing the first step of a two year project within the frame work of Rejmyre Art Lab´s current research strand: DeTox – Clean it up! which revolves around the contaminated waste site behind the glass factory in Rejmyre.

    PROGRAM 14.00 Erna E Skúladóttir & Karin Blomgren in conversation with Annika Björkman from IASPIS. (Rejmre Art Lab Center for Peripheral Studies) 14.15 Introduction of Rejmyre Art Lab´s embedded installations by seven Nordic artists 14.30 Live music with Kristoffer Berg (Folkets Hus) 15.00 Performance with Daniel Peltz & Ioan Jucan (Folkets Hus)

    WELCOME! We gather by Rejmre Art Lab Center for Peripheral Studies, opposite the Tourist Information. The event is free of charge.

    Rejmre Art Lab Center for Peripheral Studies are supported by Statens Kulturråd, Kulturkontakt Nord, Nordisk Kulturfond, Finspångs kommun & Folkuniversitetet

    Erna Skúladóttir’s och Karin Blomgren’s project is supported by: Nordic-baltic mobility program, Bergen commune, Icelandic artists’ salary fund, Muggur – SÍM Association of Icelandic artists & Norske Billedkunstneres Vederlagsfond

    Information: phone: 0709-720306 mail:

AIR dinner in Kalbo
  • Meet the artists
  • 2019-07-05 | Kalbo

  • Rejmyre Art Lab invites to an open dinner and discussion with this years artist-in-residence. Location: Rejmyre Art Lab artist-in-residence, Kalbovägen 121, 61272 Rejmyre, Sweden R.S.V.P. to: or +46 709-720306

    Participants: Cecilia Jonsson (SE/NO), Erna E Skúladóttir (IS), Karin Blomgren (SE/NO), Stine Bidstrup (DK), Tilda Dalunde (SE), Nicholas Cheng (SE/HK), Ulla Ridderberg (SE), Saad Hajo (SE/SY), Sissi Westererbg (SE), Daniel Peltz (SE/US)

Harrie Liveart
  • Detox - Clean it up!
  • 2019-06-29 | Rejmyre

  • Embedded Installations - Nordic Ensemble

    OPENING Saturday 29/6 kl 14.00

    Guided tour of the installations, music performance Kenny Dolk Karlsson, presentations by the participating artists and introduction of this years new artist-in-residence. “Fika” will be served!

    We are now showing the result of the first round of artistic investigations of the project DeTox - Clean it up! that uses the situation of 200 years of toxic waste behind the Reijmyre Glass Factory as it’s starting point. The projects are shown as site-specific installations in Rejmyre 29/6 - 8/9 2019.

    Exhibitors: Hasti Radpour (IR/SE), Mattias Hofvendahl (SE), Frida Hållander (SE), Harrie Liveart - Meri Linna & Saija Kassinen (FI), Sissi Westerberg (SE), Kerstin Ribers (SE), Daniel Peltz (US/SE) & Kristoffer Tejlgaard (DK)

    Artist-in-residence: Cecilia Jonsson (SE/NO), Erna E Skúladóttir (IS), Karin Blomgren (SE/NO), Stine Bidstrup (DK), Tilda Dalunde (SE), Nicholas Cheng (HK/SE), Ulla Ridderberg (SE)

    The project is supported by: Swedish Arts Council, Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund, Finspångs Kommun & Folkuniversitetet

Mattias Hofvendahl
  • Sound - Glasets Dag
  • 2019-05-04 | Rejmyre

  • SOUND AS MATERIAL A workshop in conjunction with Glasets Dag in Rejmyre Saturday May 4th 12.00 PM

    Welcome to participate in an experimental workshop on sound and materiality. We will explore how sound responds to and can be played through different materials, using contact speakers.

    Mattias Hofvendahl is a sound and video artist based in Linköping, Sweden. he is one of this years participants in Rejmyre Art Labs project ”DeTox Clean it up!” which takes itäs starting point in the contaminated waste behind the glass factory. om utgår ifrån föroreningarna vid Reijmyre Glasbruk. The result of Mattias investigations will be presented as a site-specific ssound installation in Rejmyre on June 29th 2019.

Fabrikens Lunga
  • Fabrikens Lunga
  • 2018-12-08 | Rejmyre Art Labs Center for Peripheral Studies

  • The lung of the factory an installation by Frida Hållander

    The factory leaves behind contaminated land and contaminated bodies. We agree to public responsibility for the former but not the latter, revealing how the body and nature are linked, as industrial ‘disposal’ sites, though responsibility for them is not shared equally.

    Opening reception: Sat 8 Dec 14.30 featuring a public conversation with Frida Hållander and the artist Ingela Johansson.

    The lung of the factory is an installation by the craft artist Frida Hållander. It explores a contaminated site behind the glass factory in Rejmyre, where two-hundred years of waste have been left behind as a public inheritance. Hållander is, together with other participants in Rejmyre Art Lab’s artistic research project DeTox-Clean it up!, studying this contaminated site through the lens of her artistic practice. Hållander uses the image of the lung with reference to the human body but also to the factory itself, as the lung of the “community body”. Hållander’s contribution to this multi-year research project draws on an element of personal narrative; her grandfather worked, for part of his professional life, at Limmared Glass Factory in the southwest of Sweden, having previously worked in the textile industry. He died of the lung disease emphysema, which was likely work-related. His death was perhaps caused by the environment of the glass factory, the dust from the textile industry, or other circumstances – it has not been confirmed. What we can confirm are the traces of material substances that remain in bodies; land masses and human masses. Hållander sketches the narrative trajectories above on tissue wrapping paper. Through the fragility and vulnerability of the tissue, her work connects the hands that make: the hand and the lung that blows, to the workers (glasbinderskorna) who care for the fragile glass, wrapping each piece for protection against the forces of nature. On the tissue paper she depicts the contaminated site through stories of love and struggle. She also reflects on the lung, through text fragments from a 1980s scientific study: Mortality in the Swedish glassworks industry and incorporates the story of the 1920a Swedish Factory Workers’ Union. The work raises questions about how we might organize responsibility for our collective lungs, hands and nature. What might a new contract look like for our common bodies?

    Frida Hållander is a craft artist and a PhD candidate at Konstfack in Stockholm and at The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg. Her forthcoming dissertation Whose Hand is Making? (spring 2019) is a study in artistic research that addresses craft, class, feminism and the will to contest. Hållander holds a bachelor’s degree (2006) and a master’s degree (2009) from Konstfack, Department of Ceramics and Glass. She has also studied at Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, (2005). Among her publications is the article ”Homeless Practices” in The Journal of Modern Craft, 2013.

    The exhibition is open Tue-Sat 11.00-16.00 (8-20 dec 2018)  and by appointment (2 jan – 3 feb 2019)

Out of mind out of sight by Hasti Radpour
  • Hasti Radpour - Out of mind out of sight
  • 2018-09-01 | Rejmyre

  • Hasti Radpour is showing the piece “Out of Mind out of sight” in the space that used to belong to the chandelier factory. The installation is one of the outcomes from the research project “DeTox-Clean it up!” that is investigating and responding to the contaminated site behind the glass factory in Rejmyre.

    Exhibition period: 1 sept - 2 dec 2018

    Hours (until 2/11) mon-fri 10-16, sat 11-15

    Hours (from 3/11-2/12) sat 11-15

    Opening: Sat Sept 1st 14.00

    Hasti Radpor is born in Iran and currently living in Linköping Sweden.

    The project is supported by “Konsten att mötas” (Sveriges Konstföreningar & Postkodstiftelsen), Swedish Arts Council, Finspångs kommun, Region Östergötland and Folkuniversitetet.

Workshop at Norrköping Art Museum
  • On Site - Workshop
  • 2018-06-30 | Norrköpings konstmuseum & Rejmyre

  • During two days we gather to explore the notions of site-dependent practice together with us, using Rejmyre as a point of departure


    Sat 31 June 10-16 at Norrköping Art Museum

    Sun 1 July 10-16 in Rejmyre

    Application is open to artists and craft practicioners form all fields. Regional artists from Östergötland can participate free of charge. Please contact us for more information!

DeTox - Mixed soil behind the glass factory
  • DeTox
  • 2018-05-05 | Rejmyre

  • Welcome to an introduction to Rejmyre Art Labs new research project DeTox – Clean it up! and a discussion about the contaminated land by Reijmyre Glasbruk on “Glasets Dag” in Rejmyre Saturday May 5th at 12 pm

    Invited to the discussion is Sara Erjeby (Fil mag soil science) some of the participating artists as well as the local public.

    “For hundreds of years, the Reijmyre Glasbruk has produced glass objects and sold the ‘finished products’ while keeping some of the leftovers in piles behind the factory. At first the piles were clearly separate from the surrounding landscape but with time they merged with and became the landscape. The focus of our work is on the current situation in Rejmyre, where the local authorities have been engaged in a process aimed at investigating and dealing with the piles of waste and the arsenic and lead contaminated soil behind the glass factory. We have proposed a cooperation with them, where we will investigate and respond to this situation as an artistic research. We are interested in the relationship between this project, i.e. the local government being called on to ‘clean up’ the toxic waste behind the factory after the company has abandoned the site, and the ways artists and artworks are often called on to ‘clean up’ in the wake of destructive capitalist endeavors. We are invested in reconstituting the ‘act of cleaning up’ as a contested demand and a site of research in and of itself, as well as exploring the socio-cultural value of that which is deemed waste and the subcategory of toxic waste.”

    • Daniel Peltz, research leader

Seeking an Anything from an uncertain time in the ruins of Rejmyres future, Daniel Peltz
  • Performing Labour
  • 2018-04-07 | Norrköping, Sweden

  • The Exhibition at Norrköpings konstmuseum is curated by Helena Scragg and developed in close collaboration with Daniel Peltz, who has run an developed the artistic research project Performing Labour where a group of 13 artists inhabited the role of “artist-guerst workers” at the Reijmrye Glassfactory, charged with making products of and about labour during 2016-2017. This exhibition is showing work from Daniel Peltz, David Larsson and Sissi Westerberg.

a refuge in Rejmyre, Daniel Peltz 2017-18 [architectural proposal by Atelier Kristoffer Tejlgaard]
  • Making refuge
  • 2018-04-04 | Norrköpings konstmuseum

  • Visual artists, craft practitioners and art writers are invited to participate in this free 3-hour workshop facilitated by Ioana Jucan and Daniel Peltz, in conjunction with the exhibition Performing Labour at the Norrköping Art Museum. The workshop creates a space for participants to engage critically and creatively in what Peltz refers to as ‘the practice of giving and taking refuge’. Participants are asked to bring one object or artifact from their practice that they would like to ‘give refuge to’ or ‘take refuge in’ and a short reflective/theoretical text related to the object or artifact [texts can be in any language]. The approach to “refuge” that the workshop proposes connects to the current socio-political situation and conditions of the refugee. It also moves in different directions and registers in relation to how we might think of the notion of ‘refuge’, such as the proposition that art and craft under the present socio-economic conditions are in need of refuge. The approach engaged in the workshop refuses to think refuge as an abstraction and thinks through the refusal of certain (established) ways of constituting refuge. In this way, it enacts a kind of performance philosophy of refuge making, which insists on staying with historical complications and complexity.